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How to Start a Farm if You Have No Experience, Lack Knowledge and Are Not Sure How You Can Actually Make it

In this article I'm going to share with you a strategy you can use to start your journey into farming.

This strategy is specifically useful if you have no experience, lack knowledge, and don't have a lot of confidence to make the jump into farming.

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PART 2/5

5 Mistakes That Cause Small Farms to Fail

In part 1 we covered a strategy that will make your journey into farming much more realistic and achievable.

In this article (part 2) I'm going to share 5 more reasons why you should consider using this strategy when starting your farm.

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Market Gardening: Different Methods, Drawbacks & 5 Farming Myths That Cost You Time, Money & Energy

There is no shortage of different growing methods for commercial market gardening. In this article we go over the different methods you can use, what the pro's and cons are, and we'll be discussing 5 farming myths that are associated to the traditional way of market gardening.

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Market Gardening: How to Increase Efficiency, Make More Profits & Improve Your Quality of Farm Life

In part 3 we discussed the different methods to market gardening. In this article I'm going to share our preferred method of growing food, the only tools we use, and how you can get started.

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Online Workshop: How to Quit Your Job, Start a Farm & Make a Living off the Land in 7 Simple Steps

What separates the ones that make a living off the land from the ones that don't? A strategic step-by-step plan.

In this online workshop we're going to combine everything we've covered so far and turn it into a winning step-by-step plan to help you disconnect from the 9-5, start a thriving market garden and make a living off the land in 7 crucial steps.

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