About The Dutch Farmer

Ever wondered how you can start transitioning from your current job and life, into making a living off the land?

If so, you're in the right place.

At The Dutch Farmer our aim is to help people from all sorts of life achieve that. Whether you work some kind of day job and are thinking of a career change into farming, or you want to make a side income from gardening.

Having worked in over 10 different farms in 3 climatic zones worldwide, and having went through the transition personally of quitting my day job, into starting and operating a profitable small farm, I can show you, through my own experiences, what it takes.


About Moreno de Meijere

Hi, I’m Moreno. Founder of The Dutch Farmer where I help new, beginning and aspiring farmers successfully transition from their current jobs and life, into making a good living from a small farm.

Having went through this transformation myself, I know how hard it can be to give up your old life and start pursuing a new direction. In late 2012 I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job, started traveling, which led me to work in over 10 different farms in 3 different climatic zones world wide, take course after course, had the chance to be taught by many established successful farmers, read through a whole library of farming books, all the way down to starting and operating a small-scale organic market garden in the eastern country side of France.

But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. Here’s how it all started...

harvesting radishes in the field

In late 2012 I was finding myself in a rut, working the same job day in day out. With no signs of improvement, I made a bold move and decided to quit my job. Not knowing where to go from there and with no back-up plan, a friend of mine suggested to go and travel. The decision was quickly made and before I knew it I was on a plane towards New Zealand.

Little did I know that it was going to change my life forever.

To sustain the travels financially, we had to find some kind of work to keep us going. This happened to be on a mandarin farm in the northernmost part of New Zealand. From the moment we started working on the farm, I was hooked. The ambiance, the work, the lifestyle. It felt like a match made in heaven. Not being afraid of making my hands dirty, I really enjoyed the hands-on work in the outdoors. Waking up by the sounds of birds singing with the first glimmer of light, working outside with the natural elements.

It all fell into place.

From that point on I became so passionate (some might say obsessed) about farming and the lifestyle it offered, that I wanted to create this way of life for my own. I wanted to become a farmer. From the moment I made that decision, all the way until this day, has been a crazy ride. I started to go from farm to farm, following the seasons from both fruits and vegetables.

Started taking courses, reading books, being mentored by established farmers, all with one goal in mind: starting and operating a successful farm.

After several years of gaining hands-on experience, it was time to put into practice what I’d learned on my journeys. After all, working on establishing your own farm vs. working as an employee on a farm is comparing apples to oranges. You’ll never be fully able to learn the whole spectrum of farming, unless you start your own farm. The responsibilities, the organization and the planning that goes into ensuring that your farm will be a success was not something I’d learned on my journeys.

It was old fashioned learn-it-the-hard-way with trial and error. Sure I’d learned a lot about the production side of farming. I’d learned to steer away from major mistakes and learned about certain principles that would increase the probability of success in my farming career. But there was no clear path for me to take when I got started.

I mean here I was, wondering:

  • Where do I start?
  • Am I going to be able to make a living doing this?
  • Who are my customers going to be?
  • What am I supposed to grow, and how much of something should I grow?
  • What numbers are realistic for my area?
  • What tools should I invest in and which ones are optional?
  • How do I prepare my land for the first time?

There is no shortage of confusion and insecurity when starting out on your own farming journey. With so many farmers advocating ‘their way’ to be the ones to use, and with the abundance of information at your disposal, it can become so overwhelming to the point that you’re struggling to get started.

That’s when I decided I had to come up with a universal approach that would easily tell you what to do at every step of the way. That’s why I created The Dutch Farmer. Through my content and resources I want to show you how you can start transitioning from your current job and life, into starting a farm that will not only be able to pay your bills, but will actually make you a good living.

7 Steps to Make a Living On a Small Farm Guide

In order for me to show you how you can quit your job, start a farm, and make a living off the land, I've combined the experiences I've gained over the years farming, and the steps my family and I have taken to start our farm, in a step-by-step guide.

Here I share the exact steps we’ve taken that allowed us to farm full time and I go over some of the important steps to take if you want to start a profitable farm.

Grab yourself a free copy and let me show you how you can get started today.